Our why

Before we tell you why we founded our sustainable brand Vivien Joy, first:

It's great that you are here.




Who is behind Vivien Joy

My name is Vivien Joy Faisst and I launched my sustainable brand in autumn 2020. I have been sewing for many years, mostly clothes for myself, because the clothes that are available for sale often do not meet my expectations or do not fit exactly. So I designed my own clothes to fit myself.

Little by little I am dealing a lot with the topic of sustainability, because I love nature very much and I can't stand it being "littered".

Since I used to buy a lot of "cheap goods", at some point I realized that this constant buying doesn't make you happy. On the contrary, having too much crushed me. I've noticed that you feel better when you really only have those things at home that mean a lot to you and the favorite items of clothing that you like to wear. In which you just always feel beautiful.

Then I took it to my heart and started my own fashion brand.



In my personal life, certain values are very important to me.

Freedom; do what you want; to have the feeling that anything is possible; the deep trust in yourself; Love; Warmth; Openness; Positive mindset; Sustainability; Health; Friendliness; Joy in life; Empathy; Honesty & amp; Sincerity .. to name a few.

It is particularly important to me to connect these values with my brand in order to be able to reflect them in my products and thus to pass them on to the customers.



Added value for our customers

The added value that we want to create for everyone who can identify with the Vivien Joy brand should consist of the following:

Sustainable clothing that is a bit better for our environment than fast fashion clothing. In addition to sustainable production and the use of sustainable materials, there is also the extremely good quality of the fabrics and control after production.

Super comfortable clothing in which you feel completely comfortable, but also look chic, classic and feminine. Because we are convinced that if we only wear our favorite items of clothing, we are a lot happier in life and can go from having less to being more through a minimalist lifestyle. It gives us great pleasure when we see that you have found a new favorite piece due to our collections or that you appreciate your existing one more.


You can also help create value for others.



Contribute to the happiness of other people

Vivien Joy has a great vision: helping other people. As the name Vivien Leben and Joy Freude suggests: Joy of life! The pure joy of life can be found in each and every one of us, but also when you do something good for other people! tut! 

That is why it is so important to us to create added value for our customers with this company, to enrich their lives and to support others who need help at the same time.

With every sale of a product, 4 of the sales price is donated to a non-profit organization. As there are many different areas in need, we have selected several organizations to choose from..

We at Vivien Joy hope that it will not "only" stay with this portion of the donation, but that something much bigger can soon emerge from it. The idea of founding our own organization so that we can do a lot more personally is anchored in our heads.


Since honesty, sincerity and authenticity are important brand values for us, it is particularly important to us that every customer feels that they are in good hands, noticed and treated honestly.



Let's stay positive and focus on the good things in our life.



Should you still have something on your mind and would like to tell us something, please write to us on Instagram:@ en.joy.joy or via email:support@vivienjoy.de