Charitable organizations

In order to bring even more good things into the world, we support the following non-profit organizations:


  • The Tony Robbins Foundation

  • Tropica Verde e.V.

  • Togo - new horizon e.V.

  • OroVerde - the Tropical Forest Foundation


With every sale, 4 of the sale price goes to one of the above organizations. Each customer can decide for himself which organization he would like to support. 


The Tony Robbins Foundation

The Tony Robbins Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life for people who are often forgotten. The foundation works to improve the quality of life of young people, the elderly, the hungry, the homeless and prisoners. The foundation has products and programs that reach thousands of youth, more than 2,000 schools, 1,700 prisons, and countless health and relief organizations. In addition, thanks to the volunteer brigades, the International Basket Brigade is feeding millions of people worldwide.

Find out more at: The Tony Robbins Foundation


Tropica Verde

TROPICA VERDE e.V. supports nature and species protection projects in Costa Rica. The organization advocates the preservation and regeneration of tropical rainforests and the protection of endangered animal species. With lectures, educational projects, publications and exhibitions, the association provides information about the importance of tropical forests for people and the environment as well as about the threat to these forests. He also supports environmental education projects of his partners in Costa Rica .¹

Find out more at: Tropica Verde


Togo-New Horizon

TOGO - Neuer Horizont e.V. is involved in the West African country in different ways. For example, in Atakpamé, a city in the interior of the country, with the support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ, the association built a hospital ward with a well, a pharmacy, a laboratory and a nurses' home. The infirmary was then transferred to the Steyler Missionary Sisters. The sisterhood also takes care of the sponsorship program. The sponsorship money enables disadvantaged children to attend school. Financing of school materials, school clothes and lunch. Another project of the organization, also with funding from the BMZ, was the construction of a mother and child clinic with an infirmary in Hanyigba-Duga, a town in the mountains near the border with Ghana. The organization of the clinic has been entrusted to the Order of the Sisters of St. Catherine. Other activities of the association in Togo are in particular the establishment of a kindergarten and a primary school, the construction of wells, the transport of donated goods into the country and the placement of voluntary servicesen.²

Find out more at: Togo-New Horizon




OroVerde is committed to the preservation of the tropical rainforests. To this end, the foundation supports model projects in tropical countries on the one hand and carries out awareness work in Germany on the other. The main project country is Guatemala. The projects are funded in cooperation with local partner organizations. The contents of the project are in particular measures to curb deforestation, reforestation of destroyed forest areas and the introduction of forest-compatible land uses. The organization attaches particular importance to the consideration of the concerns and rights of the local population as well as the creation of sustainable income alternatives e.g. through environmentally friendly coffee and cocoa cultivation. The spectrum of educational and awareness-raising work in Germany ranges from exhibitions, background information and action tips on the website, games and teaching materials for schools to forest and climate policy commitment .³.³

Find out more at: OroVerde



² Source: Status: 30.10.2020.10.2020)