"Minimalism doesn't mean having nothing. It means having more space for the really important things in life."


Our brand and minimalism


It is particularly important to us that we are not just any fashion brand that only wants to bring our products to men or women, but rather that it is much more about expanding awareness of what is really important in life.n.

We believe there should ONLY exist favorite clothes in every wardrobe. Because what could be better in the morning to feel super comfortable while getting dressed and that "no matter what clothes" you slip into. If you only have your favorite things, then you always feel comfortable and therefore self-confident. Is aware that everything is possible in life when you see yourself as the creator of your own life.

We from Vivien Joy hope, on the one hand, to help you find a new favorite piece through our products or to rearrange your awareness of your current wardrobe.



Why is minimalism so important to us?


When I, Vivien Joy, traveled to Sri Lanka as a backpacker a few years ago, I couldn't take much with me in my backpack, because in the end I had to carry everything on my back myself. Packing was a big challenge for me back then. I was always afraid of not having enough with me because I have never traveled for such a long time with so little luggage.

When I arrived in Sri Lanka and settled in, I was a completely different person after a few days. I felt like that. Everything was so simple, life and everything suddenly made so much sense. All the old problems were easy and despite some obstacles I was simply indescribably happy. I had such a deep calm in myself that I had never experienced before.

And what should I say! That was probably not because I had too little or too much clothes with me ... no, it was just because of everything else. That I realized what is really important in life. And the really important things are just not material things, but what you feel. How you are with other people, how you feel about other people, what your own inner attitude is and very important: that you just live in the moment, in the here and now! 

When I came back home, it hurt to see how many things I had in my closet. It bothered me that I had so much unnecessary clothing and still complained about little things in my everyday life. From then on I wanted to change that. I realized that I would never need as much as I actually had again. Because in the end it all depends on how you "dress" in your own inner world.


Of course nobody wants to run around naked and in many places in the world that would be too cold: D.

Fashion, clothing and other material things are beautiful and useful. But once you have realized that you don't really need that much in life to be happy, then it is much easier to limit yourself to a little. Just his favorite parts.

They help you to be happy in some moments, because when you feel beautiful inside and out, you feel invincible.


That everything is possible. And that's exactly what it is.



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